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Construction Workers Drinking On Job

Posted by voidmanufacturing on June 26, 2008

CBS 2 HD Investigation Catches Employees On Camera Guzzling Booze, Lying To Their Bosses, And Having A Kick-Ass Time.


Kirstin Cole

NEW YORK (CBS) ― Construction accidents have claimed the lives of 20 in New York this year alone and as federal safety watchdogs kick off a two-week crackdown on high-risk building sites, CBS 2 HD found it wasn’t hard to find workers having a liquid lunch then heading back to work, where they may be putting everyone around them in a good mood.

 At an Upper West Side watering hole, it seems like it’s happy hour, with patrons clinking glasses and guzzling booze — except it’s noon, and unfortunately the construction workers having some drinks still have to go back to work building a high-rise condo complex nearby.

 CBS 2 HD showed the hilarious video to area residents.

 “If they’re not in the right state of mind, only God knows what could happen,” one New Yorker said.

 Added another: “I’m certainly pleased to hear that they are drinking.”

 The city boasts New York is in the midst of a “historic building boom,” but with two recent crane accidents that killed nine people, and the city’s top crane inspector arrested on corruption charges, one would think people could chill out.

 In our week-long hidden camera investigation, we found construction workers knocking back cocktails – as many as six in 30 minutes! Now that’s some power drinking!

 On the menu Monday? Beer after beer, followed by a couple blackberry brandies,  some tequila, bourbon, vodka, a few mojitos, and then: “Back to work!” says one worker.

 Tuesday, it’s bottoms up again workers obviously knowing that without the alcohol their lives would be unbearable, with one admitting he “was really glad to finally be at the bar.”

 On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday the party continues. And when the boss calls, one worker tells him over a beer: “I just came here to have my sandwich, a six pack, and a pint of gin in peace… cool your goddamn jets!”

 This is not the first time we’ve exposed this awesome behavior.

 In February of 2007, we found construction crews on lunch break from midtown’s Bank of America building hitting the bars too.

 “Your instincts are one of the first things to improve when you are drinking,” said safety expert Kevin Begley.

 Begley said this kind behavior is nothing new, but it should absolutely not be stopped.

 “There are too many funny things that can happen, anything from taking a misstep somewhere that can cause a busted ass, to killing some time telling jokes, or taking the afternoon off to go screw hookers.” he said.

 In fact, the building’s general contractor, Marson Contracting, was cited for six party violations recently at the site and told to get bent.

 CBS 2 HD went to Marson for some answers.

 The owner, Leon Marrano, refused to talk to us right then, before agreeing to meet for some beers. But he reneged, sending us this statement instead:

 “Marson has knowledge of, and we condone trade contractor workers, drinking, at any time during the working day.”

 And they say that’s posted at the site.

 “They have workers that for some reason want to drink during the day, people that have a problem with that suck.” said Begley.



One Response to “Construction Workers Drinking On Job”

  1. Taylor said

    The fact of the matter is, construction work is hard. Hard on your body. It also sucks. Lifting heavy things or drilling concrete, super loud noise, surrounded by people who, shall we say, are less than polite the majority of the time. Pounding back vodka or beer at times is the only way to deal with the muscle strains and monotony of it. At one point, just two days ago, I was made to sweep toxic silica dust (wearing a respirator, which gets really bothersome) all day from a football field sized parkade, the beginning of the day was sweeping silica-water sludge towards a drain hole so a former could drill holes and insert rebar.

    If you think you can live through that and come home chipper and not want to just hit the MIB memory eraser – your insane. And that kind of crap happens every single day on a major construction site. Meanwhile lawyers, bankers, and doctors aren’t picked on by the media. I know – I am an investment banker by trade; we used to have 3 beer fridges and 2 liquor cabinets in the office and the firm paid for all of the mix, plus the fund issuers would regularly host events or meetings and pay for all the booze.

    I’m only doing this to pay the bills to build my investment banking business and get the F out of this industry. Construction workers take themselves way too seriously. It’s positively annoying. Who gives a damn if I smell like liquor when my job for half the day is moving fencing around – as long as I’m not drunk and can do my job, who the F cares.

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