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Love…. Blah, Blah, Blah….

Posted by voidmanufacturing on January 17, 2009

Jacques-Alain Miller: On Love 

Hanna Waar – Does psychoanalysis teach us something about love? 

Jacques-Alain Miller – A great deal, because it’s an experience whose mainspring is love. It’s a question of that automatic and 
more often than not unconscious love that the analysand brings to the analyst, and which is called transference. It’s a contrived 
love, but made of the same stuff as true love. It sheds light on its mechanism: love is addressed to the one you think knows your true truth. But love allows you to think this truth will be likeable, agreeable, when in fact it’s rather hard to bear. 

H. W. – So, what is it to really love? 

J.-A. M. – To really love someone is to believe that by loving them you’ll get to a truth about yourself. We love the one that 
harbours the response, or a response, to our question: ‘Who am I?’ Read the rest of this entry »

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